What should I be in my 40’s?

If you read my blogs in 2017, you know that I was just ranting about how difficult it is to find a job in my 40’s. I read many posts and it seems like companies do get rid of their aging employees and because they do practice ageism, it makes it very difficult for the Gen Xers and older generation to get hired especially in IT.

To give you a brief history…

I was laid off in 2014 from a Fortune 500 company that I worked for 16 years! I didn’t seriously started looking for a job until last year, at the age of 47, because I took this as an opportunity to do something that I’ve always wanted – to be a stay-at-home mom.  Ever since my kids were very little, I was jealous with my neighbors and I just wanted to stay home with my babies and enjoy them.  I prayed for it and it took 6 years for my prayer to be answered.

As a stay-at-home mom, I learned a lot of things that my mother never taught me, like cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and living minimally. I learned to cook from scratch.  I found innovative products and tools for cleaning around the house because I didn’t want to use products that produced strong chemical odors.  As for budgeting, I’m still learning.  I’ve tried different products and techniques, but just like dieting, I needed to figure out which one works for me.  I think I’ve mastered living minimally.  I’ve purged, kept only the things I love and use, and I only buy when I need to.

During the past 3 years, I’ve spent sometime reflecting on my life.  I’ve looked at my mistakes and successes.  I’ve realized that I needed to reinvent myself  especially if I wasn’t going to get a full-time job in IT because of my age.  But to do so, I needed to figure out HOW to reinvent myself.  I needed to do self-assessments.  What do I enjoy doing?  What makes me excited? What were some of the things that I was good at when I was little?  As it turns out, these were not easy questions for me to answer.

I guess I like starting something NEW.  It gives me a rush. I feel excited, but if it’s something that I’m not familiar with, I do feel anxious.  However, I do feel confident in completing the task because if I don’t know the answer, I ask or do research until I find the answer.  I’m also a quick-study.

Recalling my past, people feel at ease in talking to me.  I remember, one day, sitting on a bench waiting for my mother to return when an elderly man just started talking to me and sharing his life stories.  Also, I’m never short of a giving advise.

I love to share knowledge or information especially if it would benefit them.

I do like managing tasks from conception to completion, but I hate being bossy, telling others what to do.  It’s not my personality.

I love organizing and maximizing spaces because I see them as challenging games.

So, the big question, what profession or career has all this?  Please make some suggestions.

Update – January 17th

I decided to continue school and pursue nursing.  I just need one more class to satisfy the course prerequisites and score above 80% on my TEAS to get admitted to Nursing School.

Once I finished in Spring 2020, a month later after graduation, I plan to take and pass my NCLEX-RN Exam.  Once I secure a job, depending on the timing, I will pursue an accelerated MSN degree so that I can start teaching.  I believe that knowledge is free and empowering and that is what I intend to do 5 years from now.



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