My Testimonial to Our Lady of Fatima

I was born into Catholicism.  If other Catholics knew me, they wouldn’t consider me as a Catholic at all.  Anyway, this is not the point of my story.

This evening, I took my children to church so that they can do their Confession.  They did their penance.  As my kids and I were leaving the Church, the statue that was between the church double doors in the vestibule caught my eyes.  My children and I  stopped by.  I asked my daughter what the sign says since I couldn’t see very well even with my glasses on.  She said that it was Our Lady of Fatima.

As we were leaving the Church, I asked my children if they smelled flowers.  Both of them said no.  I was thinking how can they miss it since the scent was so strong.  In my disbelief, I was thinking about what I’ve learned from my daughter when she was doing her school project on Mama Mary.  While trying to recall the information, something inside of me was pulling me to stop and pray.  I dismissed it.   I was too occupied in figuring out what it meant.  As I drove back home, my daughter remembered its meaning and shared it with me.  She recalled that if someone smells flowers, that meant that prayers would be answered.

I got home and cooked fajitas for dinner.  After feeding my family cleaning up after dinner, I went to my computer and Googled what today’s incident meant.  The scent of flowers (roses exactly) meant that Mama Mary was nearby.  Knowing this, my inside was telling me to rush back to the Church.  I told my children that I was leaving for Church and my daughter asked me if the Church was still open at 8:30pm.  I just shrugged.  I left home.  As I drove back to Church, I felt so guilty.   I felt so bad that I didn’t stop what I was doing earlier.  I should have just prayed when my inside was telling me to do so.

When I got to the Church, there were cars parked on the lot.  This meant that the Church was still open.  When I got to the vestibule, the scent was still there.  That meant the Mama Mary was still there.  I said my prayers to her.  After praying, I went to the plants that surrounded the Lady Fatima and smelled them, trying to figure out if the scent was coming from them.  The plants didn’t smell.  I went to the statue nearby.  It had a vaseful of flowers and they weren’t the flowers that I was smelling.  I went back to the Lady of Fatima, kneeled, and looked at her once more.  I stood up and the scent disappeared.   I felt very blessed that 1) Mama Mary visited me; and 2) She waited for me for 2 hours until I returned from home to pray to her.

NOTE:  I apologize for the sentence structure and grammar.  I just wanted to share my experience today while it is fresh in my mind.  I have tendencies to forget things ever since I hit my mid-40’s.


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