Too Much Time Spent for Self-Promotion

Regardless if you’re looking for a job or trying to make money by branding yourself or your business, I became aware through NECESSITY that I need to spend a lot of time in social media. It’s funny that I didn’t need to until I lost my job and there was a NEED to PROMOTE myself in order to get attention from “Talent Acquisitions” or HR Recruiters.  (I guess, I should have been actively looking while I had a job but I grew up at a time when companies had loyalty to their employees.  I thought that my previous employer would be my last.  Apparently, I was wrong. Times have changed.)

The past two years, I didn’t actively look for a job because we had the Emergency Funds. As a result, I did what stay-at-home moms and homemakers do (besides running/exercising), but minus the social media activities.   I wasn’t active in social media because I valued my privacy and the time to do things that require moving around like doing yard work, running errand, volunteering, etc.  I was only found in LinkedIn and nothing more. Then, there was this NEED this year.  The Emergency Funds is getting low and again there is that need that I go back to work.  So, I turn back to LinkedIn and other social media platform to get exposure not for myself but also for the new business that I started this month.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending almost my waking hours to keep up with my Twitter accounts, web/blogsites & Pinterest that I ignore my household chores.  (Notice that I don’t have the other social media platforms ie Facebook, Instagram, etc.  I’m very selective and I’m not ready to add more on my plate.)  Having to maintain what I currently have is a full-time job that unfortunately doesn’t pay right now.   I guess, I’m still learning and when I do find a routine that works for me, maybe I would spend less time promoting myself and use the time instead for life experiences which I value more.



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