The Dreaded Rejection Email

This week, I had two job interviews. One was for a part-time job at a local store and the other was for a full-time career position.  After leaving the group interview for the part-time position, I felt pretty good about it. I felt confident that I would get the job that I was very qualified for.  I received an email today, and unfortunately I did not get the job. Of course, I felt bummed out and I was pretty hard on myself. I put myself down. I’m thinking that I can’t even get a part-time job.  Then, I asked myself, “why didn’t they hire me?”

Well, I read a post from The Muse about this very subject. Basically, I should find out by replying back to the email and asking why.  At least, when I do get the response, it will help me improve on my next job interviews.


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