What does it take to get recognition from job recruiters? Look like a millennial.

At the end of 2014, since I wasn’t receiving any phone calls from recruiters, I decided to just stay home and enjoy being a home-maker/stay-at-home mom. So, since money was tight, I decided to forgo hair coloring and just go out all gray.  It took a full year to grow-out the color off my hair. When I finally did, I felt relief because there was no urgency to re-touch my roots. I accepted that I was in my mid-40s and this was how it should be.  I was happy in my own skin.

Well, since I decided to go back to work this year, in order for me to look the part of what was on my resume and LinkedIn profile (a millennial), I needed to change the way I looked in LinkedIn and for an actual job interview.  (No, I don’t mean getting plastic surgery.)  I meant that I needed to color my hair to cover-up all the grays.  I believe that by doing so, it would give me a better chance of being considered for a job.  After all, recruiters use LinkedIn and Google to find their candidates.

After updating my LinkedIn profile at the end of February, within 4 business days of this month,  I received two responses from recruiters requesting for a phone interview. Now tell me, is this a coincidence or something much more??


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