Simplify your wardrobe by building your own Capsule Wardrobe

When I was working, one of the things that I hated to do was figuring out what to wear the next day for work.  It was stressful and wasteful in both money and time.  So during my gap years, one of the things that I accomplished was building a Capsule Wardrobe.  Simply stated, this wardrobe contain BASIC pieces of clothing that can be paired together to create many different outfits.  The term Capsule Wardrobe was coined by Susie Faux in the ’70s and regained its popularity starting in 2012.

There are many great blog sites out there on how to start one.  But before I built my own Capsule Wardrobe, I had to clean out my closet.  You don’t have to wait until Spring to do this.  You can start anytime you’re free.  Instead of spending hours going through your closet, just pull out the pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags, and undergarments that you frequently wear.  I call these call your “comfort clothes” because they’re  your favorite things and you end up wearing and using them more often than the others.  The rest of the stuff that remain in your closet, pull them out, pack them, and donate them to your local charities.

Classy Yet Trendy is one of my favorite blogs and my go to for ideas. Leanne has a post that would show you how to build your own Capsule Wardrobe.

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