Age Discrimination on GenX Job-seekers

In June 2014, I was laid off from a Fortune 500 IT company after 15 years of service.   For the rest of the year, I had set-up my LinkedIn profile, updated my resume and subscribed to job-boards.  Each time I saw positions that I was interested in, I applied online.  I did this for 6 months and I received no phone calls.  I didn’t think much of it the first time until January of 2017.

2017 rolled in and I decided that it was time for me to go back to work.  In January, I looked and applied for jobs online.  I didn’t receive any phone calls.  At the end of January, I realized that maybe the reason why I wasn’t getting any phone calls was because of my age.  I read somewhere that employers want Millennials because they were technology savvier than the older generations.  So, in the beginning of February, I decided to update my resume and LinkedIn profile.  I deleted my college graduation year and 10 years of my work-experience.  I even colored my hair to cover-up my grays so that I can upload a recent photo of myself in my LinkedIn profile.  Additionally, I used professional services to write my resume and cover letter, and to update my LinkedIn profile so that I become more visible to recruiters.  Surprisingly, it’s only been two days after my update on my LinkedIn profile and I’ve received 2 phone calls from recruiters so far.

What I’ve learned through this experience is there is a thing called Age Discrimination during a job search. Even though there is a law, we can’t sue the recruiting company or hiring company because it would be very difficult to prove.  Liz Ryan wrote a great article called The Ugly Truth About Age Discrimination (

 January 4, 2018 Update

I read an article from Dice today, Are Tech Firms Targeting Only Younger Workers?, and sadly, there are many of us in the IT industry that are discriminated because of our age.  According to this article that once you reach your 40’s, you are out of the door.

So what do we have to do to earn a living?  Reinvent yourself.


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